Money Back Guarantee

We are the supplier of the largest assortment of kiln-dried logs – all approved under the Quality Assurance Schemes – and feel so confident about the quality of our service, we offer our customers a Money Back Guarantee on all our kiln-dried logs that we sell online.

The Terms and Conditions:

If the product does not meet the specification, as is clearly specified on the website in relation to the product’s size, moisture content, etc, we guarantee that we will give you a full refund. Each product must be stored as is instructed – in other words, under cover to avoid it becoming wet.

All claims must be made within a ‘reasonable’ time after the product has been bought to allow it to be inspected. All complaints, therefore, need to be made within two weeks of the delivery date.
Our Money Back Guarantee relates to all the kiln-dried logs that we supply to you. This, however, only relates to the quality of our products. It does not relate to delivery because we use a third-party carrier so there will be a number of issues that are out of our control.