Kiln Dried Black Locust Firewood For Sale


The Black Locust tree, though classified as a hardwood, possesses a unique quality in that it grows faster than the majority of softwood trees. Despite its rapid growth, this tree yields tough, dense, and heavy firewood. Black Locust stands as an exceptional choice for firewood enthusiasts. Its ability to generate intense, long-lasting fires has made it a favored option for those who rely on wood as their primary heating source.

Although Black Locust firewood may not enjoy the same level of recognition as oak, maple, ash, and other hardwoods, it certainly deserves attention. We make it a point to educate our customers about the qualities of Black Locust firewood. Once they experience its intense heat output, they often become devoted fans. Black Locust firewood burns exceptionally hot, which can be a concern for wood stove users. To manage the heat, it’s advisable to blend Black Locust with other woods rather than filling the stove entirely with locust logs.

Now, let’s address the question of whether Black Locust firewood compares to oak firewood. The answer is both yes and no. Oak still provides a longer burn time and a more pleasant aroma, making it preferable for some. However, Black Locust outshines oak in terms of heat production per log. It’s worth noting that Black Locust is not recommended for cooking due to the distinct flavor and scent it imparts to food.

To put it into perspective, Black Locust firewood delivers approximately 30 million BTUs per cord, making it an impressive heat source for your home.